Macpower Unveils its Latest Dual-Bay 3.5" SATA Enclosure with High Speed USB Interface 2007/07/19

Macpower, industry leading manufacturer of external storage enclosures, multimedia products, and digital signage solutions, today announces the release of the Taurus USB. This latest member of the very popular Taurus dual-bay enclosure series is housed in the classic aluminium casing and can connect 2 SATA hard drives for up to 2 TB of storage space.

Utilising a JMicron 20336 chipset, the Taurus USB offers a High Speed USB 2.0 port for rapid data transfer of data from your PC or Mac directly to the massive storage unit. Users can select JBOD mode so both hard drives appear as one large drive or have both drives operate independently. With a rear USB hub, two additional devices can be conveniently connected.

"This enclosure is the perfect solution for those needing massive storage space and only the most commonly used interface, USB 2.0." Tommy Chen, Macpower President, stated. "With a rear hub, you will never run out of USB ports."

An additional USB port is found in the front of the enclosure for a "one touch button" copy function. Connect an external storage device to this port and data can be conveniently sent and stored to the Taurus USB.

"Keep the Taurus USB at the workstation and bring you portable devices to it for fast file copying and data backup," commented Mr. Chen.

A solid aluminium casing is designed to passively dissipate excess heat. With "Smart Fan" technology, fan speed is automatically regulated by the internal temperature, while the casing's front ventilation allows air-flow to exit freely. The Taurus USB is a compact enclosure for those needing large storage, but without a lot of extra desk space.

"The Taurus is designed to eliminate any possibility for the hard drives to overheat," Mr. Chen stated, “Practical data storage and stylish features all in one.”

The all new Taurus USB is available now at Macpower partners worldwide. It will also be available for OEM projects and Macpower welcomes any requests from OEM partners.