Macpower Unveils its First Dual Bay Network Attached Storage Enclosure: Taurus LAN 2007/07/25

Taurus LAN

Macpower, industry leading manufacturer of external enclosures, media players, and digital signage solutions, today announces the arrival of it's first dual-bay network drive, the Taurus LAN. This latest member of the Taurus family, houses two 3.5" SATA HDDs that can be accessed via Gigabit LAN by any network attached computer. With iTunes server, BitTorrent download management, and RAID 1 data protection, the Taurus LAN is designed for more than just data storage.

Powered by a Storlink SL3516 chipset, the Taurus LAN's dual hard drive storage space can be accessed using 1000 Mbps Ethernet connection. Two USB ports are available to connect additional hard drives. The rear port provides network accessibility to regular hard drives, while the front port provides a "one touch copy" function for convenient data backup.

"Massive storage space and fast Gigabit network speed to support it," Tommy Chen, Macpower President, highlighted. "Connect ordinary USB drives for fast data back up or make them available to others on the network."

iTunes server function allows others connected to the same network to enjoy music files saved on the Taurus LAN. New media files can also be downloaded via the BitTorrent download management system. Set which files you want downloaded, and the Taurus LAN will save new media directly to its internal storage.

"Large storage for all your favourite media files," Mr. Chen fervently noted. "Media download, media server, and media storage for everyone connected to the same network to enjoy!"

Taurus LAN allows users to optimise both storage space and data protection by switching between one of two modes. RAID 0 maximizes storage space and transfer speeds, while RAID 1 offers complete data protection in the event of drive failure. RAID 1 mirrors a copy of all files to the second drive. In case of a drive failure, the Taurus LAN rebuilds lost data once the faulty disk is replaced.

"No need to worry about losing all your downloaded media files due to defective hard disks," Mr. Chen explained, "With RAID 1 protection, your files can easily be copied and rebuilt onto the secondary drive."

The perforated aluminium frame is not only robust enough to house two 3.5" hard drives but also disperses excess heat. Smartfan technology automatically regulates the rear fan's speed according to the systems internal temperature. Practical and stylish, the Taurus LAN's compact and classic chrome exterior is the perfect look for a home or office environment.

"Hard drive failure is far too often caused by overheating," Mr. Chen noted, "With an active and passive cooling system, the Taurus LAN is engineered for long hours of high performance."

The all new Taurus LAN is available now at Macpower partners worldwide. The Taurus LAN is also available for OEM projects and Macpower welcomes any OEM enquiries.