Macpower Introduces the D7-3500–3.5" SATA IPTV Media Adapter 2007/08/06

Macpower, industry leading manufacturer of multimedia, digital signage, and external storage enclosures, today introduces its latest media adapter, the D7-3500. Still able to link PC's and storage devices to a home theatre system, this latest member of the D7 family now offers a 3.5" SATA hard drive for internal media storage.

Entire DVD, CD and photo libraries can be stored and conveniently played back from the internal hard drive. The high-speed USB 2.0 port allows files to be transferred from your PC or Mac to the D7-3500. Housed in a compact Mac-mini type enclosure, this new casing has an internal fan to keep the hard drive cool. Plus with a bottom heat sink and ventilation, this latest design is engineered to prevent any possibility of the hard drive overheating.

"An internal 3.5" SATA hard drive provides ample storage for high-definition video, music, and photo files," said Tommy Chen, Macpower CEO. "Active and passive cooling keeps the hard drive operating efficiently during hours and hours of continuous media playback."

Powered by a Sigma EM8621 chipset, the D7-3500 is compatible with JPEG, MP3, WMV9 and many other commonly used media formats. Two available upstream USB ports allow additional hard drives to be attached for easy playback. Plus, via a wired or wireless connection, media files can be accessed from a network PC using myHomeTM media server software.

"Connect the D7-3500 to your living room TV, and leave your computer in the study room," Mr. Chen explained. "Enjoy all your computer's media files on 'the big screen' while relaxing on your sofa."

Internet programs such as webradio, podcast and IPTV can all be viewed through the D7-3500 unit. The latest news, financial updates, video and music entertainment from the web can be experienced directly from an ordinary television set.

"The IPTV industry and web programming is, and will continue to grow over the next few years," Mr. Chen stated. "Macpower is at the forefront of this boom with an Internet media solution available today!"

The all new D7-3500 media adapter is available now at Macpower partners across the globe. The D7-3500 is also available for OEM projects and Macpower welcomes any OEM inquiries.