Digital Portable Microscope PRO10 2010/05/25

Vitiny Pro10 breaks the traditional microscope style, creates an innovatively digital portable microscope concept, and integrates with digital image and optical technology. Pro10 is also the lightest and smallest portable microscope in the world, it doesn't require to add additional monitor but to let you enjoy free observation in fields of Anti-counterfeit, Quality checking, Educational research, Health care & Medical observation.

The unique Pro10 has a full color 2.8” TFT monitor, can magnify 200x and integrate with a powerful measurement function. It allows you to take snapshots, video and image output on a PC or TV, as well as its professional cosmetic design & simple interface provide the users for best experiences.

Pro10 also has many useful build in aids for users to observe in easy and convenient way. Such as the multi-LED lighting functions provide users various choices when observing different surface texture, the measurement function let users measure length, circumference, area, diameter, etc directly when observing, and image comparison and flipping function allow users to observe the object in different image effects.

With all benefits and convenience PRO10 can bring to you, is definitely the innovatively technology you can’t miss!