Atrust Introduces It’s First Power over Ethernet Thin Client- t63 2013/04/16

As straightforward to use as a traditional desktop PC, and offering the similar user experience, thin clients are cheaper, easier to manage and more reliable, since they contain no moving parts. Thin clients can be administered from the server level, software updates are simplified, accelerating the deployment of new desktop images. Atrust is adopting Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology to its thin client line. Offering both power and Ethernet via a single cable for increased flexibility and connectivity witch benefit both the environment and companies’ bottom line. t63 can also be connected to a traditional electrical outlet if preferred.

Atrust t63 is a Linux-based thin client device especially designed for a client/server computing environment. With the support of Citrix ICA/HDX, Microsoft RDP and VMware View, t63 can be used to create virtual and session-based desktop experiences from many remote desktop capable operating systems. t63 offers a rich computing experience where applications look, feel, and behave as local device.