ANDROSCAN series mobile barcode scanner = mini barcode scanner + Scan Holder  (Wired, OTG devices)

 With suitable –free APP, ANDROSCAN barcode scanner with battery can make Android OTG smartphone become a economic data collector or mobile computer ( inventory - warehouse management or promotion activities at retailer ; ticket system for theater/museum/exhibition )

** operate easily : Plug-in mini barcode scanner & play, touch trigger area.

** work for a long time ( more than one working day),  can work more than +25000 scans for 1D barcode or +10000scan for 2D barcode ( Japan Li-lon battery full charged )

Video link:

** 1D or 2D mini barcode scanner can be changed according to real application. You do not need to buy extra scan holder.  Best for 4”~6” smartphone

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RIOTEC ~NEW ~ ANDROSCAN series BARCODE SCANNER for Android smartphone via Android OTG devices with battery 2017/10/06