SparkLAN QCA6174A Series

QCA6174A is the most popular 11ac Wi-Fi & BT chip from Qualcomm that can cover all range of applications for the various form factor, high power, Industrial grade, cost-effective solution, with 8 different designs you can almost guarantee you find something suitable for your platform design.



Industrial /Commercial

Support from -40°C to up to 85°C, fully compatible with all temperature requirement with all temperature requirement 


Easiest HW/SW Integration

Support Windows, Linux, event Android. Power all Intel /AMD & ARM platforms of up to 866Mbps 802.11ac performance with BT5.0


Multiple Certifications

Up to 6 different county certifications, include FCC, CE, Canada IC, Japan TELEC and more




Operating Temperature: (-40°C~85°C)

Cost-effective for Industrial Grade Solution

Operating System Support: Windows7/8.1/10, Linux

Multiple Certification: FCC/CE/IC/MIC



Long-distance Transmission

Cost-effective for High Power Solution

Operating System Support: Windows7/8.1/10, Linux

Multiple Certification: FCC/CE/IC/MIC



There are three major product categories by application and feature


Commercial Range

Available with LGA Solder down module WNSQ-261ACN(BT) , M.2 1630 WNFQ-255ACN(BT),M.2 2230 WNFQ-258ACN(BT) , Half size Mini PCIe card WPEQ-261ACN(BT)


Industrial-Grade Range

From 40°C to up to 85°C  Available with M.2 2230 WNFQ-261ACNI(BT) ,Half size Mini PCIe card WPEA-251ACNI(BT), I-Grade WPEQ-261ACNI(BT)


High Power Range (With Industrial Grade!)

Available with Full size Mini PCIe card WPEQ-262ACNI(BT) High Power


Mutiple Platform, But One Time Software Work

With all solutions that utilize the same chip, software on QCA6174A is leverageable accross platforms. Engineers can focus more on the core product design.


About SparkLAN

SparkLAN is dedicated to design-in, marketing and sales of a top-quality wireless solution. Our product range includes commercial grade and Industrial grade wireless modules solution. We provide technical support, consultation, and module, from customer initial development phase right through to production and beyond. Short communication channels within our organization guarantee rapid and highly competent care and attention.


Working closely with our customers, SparkLAN is able to advise customers on the latest trends in technology as well as sharing product roadmaps. In addition to offering technical solutions, SparkLAN also keeps a close eye on prices and lead-times, ensuring the right modules are delivered to the right place at the right time. Our ability to include flexible customer-specific logistics is also a key strength of SparkLAN.

Most Versatile Wi-Fi Chip from Qualcomm, in 8 different designs 2019/09/10