Low Cost System, Low Cost Embedded System, Low Cost small server, Low Cost Industrial PC
Low Cost Server, Low Cost System, Low Cost Industrial System, Low Cost Embedded System
Low Cost Embedded PC, Low Cost Industrial PC, Low Cost Rack Server, Low Cost Blade System
EWay announces 50 new low cost system and low cost PC models to suit a wide range of business and project needs.  We build over 50 new small low cost system models with CPU from J1800 J1900 i3 i5 i7 or even Xeon E3 or E5 for some systems.   We build a variety of styles, from simple small 15x15cm or 18x20cm systems, to gloss red round system, to metallic silver gloss small systems, small tower, low cost embedded system and industrial system styles.  Most companies quote 50% to 100% more.

Eway has been in business for 17 years and has over 30 years experience in systems, hardware, software, electronics, and related project consulting.   We build high quality systems with newest designs for high reliability and high performance. By our high experience we are able to build high quality systems with new designs at much less cost than most companies, yet have the newest designs, chipsets, and processors. EWay provides OEM services and custom configurations to tailor our systems to customer and project needs at affordable costs. Our capacity is expandable as needed and we have processed single orders for over 1000 systems. We look forward to helping your company or project save substantial costs and move to faster newer design systems as well.

EWay Low Cost System, Low Cost Mini PC, Low Cost Embedded System, Low Cost Rack Server EWay manufactures quality small systems, PC, servers. 2017/05/08