Low Cost Server, Low Cost Small Servers, Intel Celeron i3 i5 i7 Xeon or AMD, Intel Server
RM20 2U Low Cost Rack Server, RM316 3U Dual Xeon E5 Rack Server, RM810 Blade Server
Low Cost Server, Low Price Small Servers, Low Cost Rack Server, Low Cost Intel System PC

EWay announces new advanced design servers and rack mount servers based on newest Intel 7th Generation i3 i5 i7 CPU, and also Xeon E3 new version 5, Xeon E5 new version 4, and newest chipsets such as H270, C234, C236, C612.  EWay manufacturers a wide range of more than 50 models of small low cost server, larger rack server, and blade server models based on the latest fastest CPUs and chipsets.   We build low cost small servers from just 20x22cm size on up to full size 1U 2U 3U 4U or 8U rack servers with socket 1151 or 2011-3 for Xeon E5 dual CPU high end servers.   Most companies quote prices 2x to 5x EWay cost for similar 1U or 2U rack servers including a top rank Xeon E3 or E5 CPU.   In addition many companies are quoting older slower obsolete CPU versions such as generation 6 i3 i5 i7 CPU or old chipsets.  EWay servers use the latest fastest new Intel 7th Generation CPU and new chipsets for speed and reliability.

EWay small low cost server include many models and styles, with a choice of Intel Celeron, i3, i5, i7 or AMD CPU, and provide a powerful system in a very small space.   System models include small 20x22cmsize servers, gloss silver small servers, small tower systems, flat style, or industrial style.  This allows a high performance solution in a small space and in an attractive unique style to help add value to your product or solution.   EWay low cost rack servers also include many models such as 1U 2U 3U 4U 8U, with selection of Intel Celeron, i3, i5, i7, Xeon E3, Xeon E5, or also AMD CPU.   Our RM810 Blade system also allows a wide choice of CPU and models.

MD, KW, RT Low Cost Small Server for Intel Celeron, i3, i5, i7:

EWay builds a large number of small server models with many designs as in the image, based on Intel Celeron, i3, i5, i7, or Xeon, or AMD CPU.   Many companies quote much higher prices for small servers that are based on older and slower CPUs.

RM20-C57A  Low Cost Rack Server for Xeon E3:  

This model is a 2U Rack Server with Intel i3 i5 i7 or Xeon E3 processor, and space for up to x6 internal disks, or up to 60 Tb disk space.   The system uses the newest H270 chipset, socket 1151, M.2 32Gb/sec, and maximum ram 64Gb standard Ram.   For Xeon CPU, we use C236 chipset version.

RM316-X70  High Performance Dual Xeon E5 Server, x8 Swap Disk:

This model has Dual Xeon E5 CPU for high end performance such as Xeon E5-2699v4 with 38,500 marks speed, and up to x16 swap disk slots for 160Tb max disk, and up to 1000Gb or 1Tb ECC Ram.   Our RM810 8U Blade system extends this up to 10x 385,000 marks speed and 10,000Gb Ram, x20 E5-2699V4 CPU.

Eway has been in business for 17 years and has over 30 years experience in systems, hardware, software, electronics, and related project consulting.   We build high quality systems with newest designs for high reliability and high performance. By our high experience we are able to build high quality systems with new designs at much less cost than most companies, yet have the newest designs, chipsets, and processors. EWay provides OEM services and custom configurations to tailor our systems to customer and project needs at affordable costs. Our capacity is expandable as needed and we have processed single orders for over 1000 systems. We look forward to helping your company or project save substantial costs and move to faster newer design systems as well.

EWay manufactures a range of more than 50 different models of low cost mini PC, low cost system, low cost embedded system, low cost server, low cost Intel PC, low price Intel server, low cost Rack Server, low price Rack Mount System, low cost redundant rack systems, and low cost Blade Server as well as related systems.  We also provide custom configuration, OEM services, custom design, and over 50 addon options to make a complete custom solution tested and ready to use.

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