9.7” EstiLO Bliss
A8V2 printer stand ( w/SEIKO printer mechanism)
15” /17” Czar PH model / Czar G1 model
I like to share you with our all-in-one touch system information. You are kindly invited to join us. With our expertise, any private label or OEM project is welcome, besides our standard models. I expect to have a fruitful cooperation with you in the near future.

 Step up a gear!

Birch is taking on the big boys with a full and unrivalled All-in-one touch systems for your applications. Birch all-in-one touch systems feature powerful, innovative designing concepts and users friendly applications, which are your good choices for your business.
1. 9.7” EstiLO Bliss---( J1900, PCAP touch, 4GB, 64GB SSD)
All aluminum 
Adjustable viewing angle
Unique flip-top click off design for repairs

2. Extremely Slim-----9.7”/15” Talisma and A8V2 printer stand 
( w/SEIKO printer mechanism)
 QuadCore J1900
Wall mount, desktop ( A2 stand), touch-=and-print( A8V2 printer stand)
 Fanless, and compact-and sleek

3. Bright Ideas---15” /17” Czar PH model ( J1900, 2 x RAM slot,2xLAN)                                 15” /17” Czar G1 model( J1900, 1 x RAM, 1 x LAN)
Unrivalled convenience on module parts for the upgrade and repairs
Clean surface , screw-less design
Wall mount, desktop( A4 stand) or touch-and-print( A8V2 printer stand)
Optional for i3/i5 model
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s9kC3kEYk30&t=48s., https://youtu.be/bYKTDcYpjak

4Great Escape----15.6” Amplitud ( J1900, P-CAP touch, 4GB/64GB SSD)
QuadCore J1900.
Break-down small and light measurement packaging to save the transportation charges
Easy assembly by “ hand-operated screw
Wall mount, desktop( A2 stand), or touch-and-print ( A8V2).
 https://youtu.be/VlP8Vle-82U., https://youtu.be/NcLdwSNGdLg

5. Heavy &  robust, but very sleek and more interface-----K2 system( N2930 CPU, Fan-less)

         N2930 /2GB/32GB mSATA as standard.
 Heavy and robust housing
 Wall mount kit bundled

       For other related products for your applications, any further information, please feel free contact our sales teams directly by sales@mail.birch.com.tw

Luxe looks on Birch all-in-one touch and Box systems 2018/04/20