Digital HMI technology evolves though, physical buttons still have a place as part of the operator interface for reasons of safety, security and authorized user control. Winmate unveils the Stainless B Series Panel PC and Display with Push Buttons, available in sizes ranging from 10.1” to 21.5”, designed to be a factory automation control terminal that improves production efficiency in applications that call for high sanitary standard, especially in Food, Beverage, and Chemical industries. Push buttons bring control and indication directly to the work area, eliminating wasted movement and increasing productivity. In addition, the physical buttons provide an intuitive and quick way when it comes to critical tasks like emergency shutdowns. Let’s take a look at the product highlights:

User-Defined Function Push Buttons

文字方塊: User-defined function push-buttons and rotary switch on front panelThe three push buttons on the front panel serve as function keys for users to define the functions, directly connecting to the sensors for the fast response when it comes to authorized user control or emergency situations. The front panel also contains a large emergency button to provide a simple, intuitive and quick way for the operators to shut down the process when an emergency situation occurs, preventing them from wasting too much time navigating through HMI screens.

PCAP Touch Panel with Rotary Switch for Touch Mode Selection

These new industrial HMIs adopt PCAP multi-touch technology, together with the design of the rotary switch for touch mode selection, showcasing the ultimate touch experience. The rotary switch gives a simple, intuitive way to adjust three touch modes- Hand, Rain, and Glove mode- to ensure effortless user control and fast response no matter the operator is working in wet environments or inclement weather, or wearing gloves.

Waterproof USB Type-A Port on Front Panel (19” & 21.5” Models Only)

On the front panel of device there is a pre-built handy and waterproof USB Type-A connector to allow users to plug in peripherals in an easy way.  

Winmate Releases Stainless B Series with Push Buttons Panel PC and Display Winmate Newsletter 2020/02/17

Technical Specification Sheet (Spec. Sheet)