driveway security with solar power beams system alert
The burglar alarm system with solar beams with wireless receiver and wireless to wired
Fence detector with solar power wireless beam system installed outdoor security system
Does the beam system work at days without sunshine,  like UK climate?

Firstly, Our solar panel is made of amorphous material. It can convert light to electric even in cloudy or rainy days,without any direct sunshine. While at rainy days ,the solar panel can generate 2mA current to the battery .Wireless solar beams linkage

Secondly, the static power of our sensors is only 1% of traditional wired

sensor(static power:0.5mA).Besides:the sensors have high-capacity LFP battery inside,can keep the sensors working much more than 15 days without charging.

Do you need a tool to calibrate the transmitter and receiver beams?

Laser pointer is used for calibration of detection distance exceed 50 meter. HB-T001Q3+ has built-in calibrator already.

  1. Infrared grating series: no need laser pointer, because the infrared distance is only 10m , you just need make sure the grating be installed in the same horizontal and vertical plane.
  2. Garden Light&Detector series:no need laser pointer, because the infrared distance is only 20m-50m , you just need make sure the Detector be installed in the same horizontal and vertical plane.
  3. Photoelectric beam sensor series: Infrared distance is 100m. You need to use the laser pointer. HB-T001Q3+ is with built-in LCD calibrator and not need extra laser pointer.

Do they check status with the sensors , like a test signal? How often?

Our solar sensors will self-check every 2 minutes, if any problem (e.g. low-battery、invalid、 light interference etc.) ,Sensors will immediately report to host.

Do your sensors have anti-masking features?

The sensors adopt FSK + FHSS technology,it has strong ability to anti-interference. i.e. once sensor was triggered, it will send 3 signals to host(3 different frequency points),and host can receive these signals independently. This anti-interference technology makes our products more competitive in same line.

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