Amaryllo’s revolutionary AI security camera AR4 is prized as the CES 2018 Best of Innovation Awards of Smart Cities, along with the floodlight camera AR5 as an Honoree in Smart Home category. What really dominates behind the both award-winning cameras is the brilliant combination of analytical AI video software and the flexible cloud storage service. “Our products are no longer simple security cameras. With the built-in chipset of Amaryllo, we upgrade the video-recording camera to a decision assisting computer in every corner of smart home or smart retail,” shared CT Marcus Yang, CEO of Amaryllo International, gladly.

The four key strengths of Amaryllo include its patented intelligent camera robot, the military level 256-bit P2P networks, real-time big data image and video analysis, and the secure cloud storage service. With built-in CPU in the device, Amaryllo’s cameras are able to track movements automatically and recognize 190 human faces, pets and vehicles simultaneously in stunning speed, which can robustly support access security monitoring, retail customer traffic, and smart logistic in the city.

More than a Security Camera: Amaryllo International B.V. Being recognized and awarded in CES Innovation Awards for four consecutive years since 2015, Amaryll 2018/04/23

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