Askey showcased QBee, the All-in-One Smart Home System combines entertainment and home security at CES 2016

Askey Computer Corporation was founded in 1989, a subsidiary of ASUS, is the leading manufacturing and development of art electronic and network communications products. Askey showcased new generation of QBee system at CES 2016, which is an all-in-one smart home package that offers connected media gateway with sensor-embedded cameras and smart switches. It’s capable to play any media from the built-in hard drive or on the Internet, to switch on/off an appliance remotely, to monitor the temperature or humidity in living room, and etc.

QBee system is designed to offer Smart Home system for Network Operators and Service Providers

Arthur Li, Senior Director of Marketing Division of Sales Group, said that QBee is a unique new solution that combines Audio/Video/Photo entertainment and home control functionalities in a simple and easy way. The QBee series products are Android-based devices and operated by Askey platform. It is the ideal system that allows Network Operators and Service Providers to offer their customers a fun easy way to make the most of their internet connection, while embracing the Smart Home environment and Connected Home services.

QBee's core component is the QBee Gateway, an 802.11ac wireless-equipped Android with hard drive built-in, which is capable of storing and accessing media files and Android apps. Users can access any contents stored in the gateway, playback Audio/Video/Photo on TV which is connected QBee gateway, or install media apps such Netflix, Hulu Plus or Amazon Instant Video. QBee system can be easily controlled by QBee app or a dedicated Bluetooth 4.0 remote controller. QBee provides users a seamless, enjoyable, expandable and hassle-free Smart Home entertainment experience.

QBee is also a Home Security Control system

QBee devices are other key components for QBee system, including Multi-Sensors cameras and Energy Switches. Multi-Sensors camera is a special-design camera device with multi-sensors, including microphone, light, humidity and temperature. Multi-Sensors camera is act as an indoor 720p/30fps camera with night vision, designed to detect movement, light and noise levels, as well as both humidity percentage and room temperature. It features 802.11ac wireless and offers two-way audio, making it a good fit as a baby monitor or intrusion alarm.

Energy Switches are 802.11n wireless smart switches can be controller by QBee app. It provides energy consumption data and the ability to remotely switch on/off connected electrical devices. Up to 100 Switches can be used in a single installation, making it fits for most people’s homes and even a small office or factory to monitor energy consumption.

Users can make their life easier with the scenarios design with QBee devices. For instance, QBee Multi-Sensors camera is not only an additional eye, but can be a baby monitor or the trigger to set the room temperature. QBee Energy Switch can become power usage monitor for home or factory facilities.

QBee is compatible with all the standards and supports AllJoyn

For smart home market, industrial standards and IOT protocols are important for system integration. QBee is compatible with all the standards including ZigBee, Z-Wave, Ultra Low Energy (ULE), Bluetooth Smart and Alljoyn.

According to Arthur, the next market of QBee devices with Askey platform will be Smart Building or Smart Factory. Because of QBee device multi-function design and the easy integration of Askey platform, it is capable to extend smart home application to smart building or smart factory, even up to a large scale for Smart City scenario.

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