AbovEdge 6000 Series

Media Gateway, Voice Resource Server, Media Service Server

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable
Are samples available for this product? : No

Language : English

AbovEdge 6000 series provides with functionalities of media gateway and voice processing resources to collaborate with AbovEdge-CS call server at the same site, or to be deployed at the remote site to physically extend AbovEdge IP-PBX features and functions through Internet connection. It can also provides fully featured voice-based services like voice mail (VM), Auto
Attendant (AA), interactive voice response (IVR), and conference services. With various options of up to four DSC ( Digital Subscriber Circuit) interfaces, it provides local digital trunk connection (T1/E1/ISDN PRI), and/or local analog trunk and extension interfaces while using the DSC interfaces wired to TeleLEX analog expansion boxes (ES-0624 or ES-0030). With its built-in VoIP capability, AbovEdge 6000 series also supports SIP VoIP trunk and extension linkage.

AbovEdge-MV Media Service Server works together with AbovEdge-CS call server to provide with the functionalities of a media gateway, and voice resources such as AA, IVR, VM and conference services, as well as to provide for VoIP communication service.

AbovEdge-MG Media Gateway is a high performance media gateway. When deployed remotely, it physically extends AbovEdge IP-PBX connection to the remote site. All the extensions under AbovEdge-MG share the same functions and features as local extensions connected to the AbovEdge-CS call server in the main office, and all the trunks connected to AbovEdge-MG will function as if it were at the same site as the AbovEdge-CS call server.
AbovEdge-VR Voice Resource Server provides voice
processing capacities for ever more demands of AA/IVR/VM, conference services to accommodate the company’s growth.

Local Survival and Live Link Recovery
When AbovEdge-MG is deployed remotely in distributed
multi-location communication network; it can operate as
independent PBX in the remote office even if the Internet
connection fails. Once the Internet connection is re-acquired, AbovEdge-MG will automatically recover the distributed networking linkage without manual setup or restarting the system. With Local Survival and Live Link Recovery from AbovEdge, the impact of disconnected Internet on business usual operation and maintenance effort of administrator can be minimized.

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