HiTeach won Taiwan Excellence 2011, Computex 2011 Best Choice Award Jury's Special and Taiwan SMEs.

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HiTeach is an interactive teaching software which seamlessly integrates Interactive Whiteboard (IWB), Document Camera (DC) and Interactive Response System (IRS). It is built to break through the situation where educational softwares and devices can only be used alone; with HiTeach, teachers can operate different devices concurrently without the need for different operating softwares. In this way, teachers can teach with more ease and convenience by simply combining the different devices and make use of the combination.

HiTeach interactive teaching software represents a key component of the TEAM Model smarter classroom. It is easy to use and possesses powerful integrating ability. Its powerful features have led to the winning of several prizes, which include Taiwan Excellence 2011, Computex Taipei 2011 Best Choice Award Jury’s Special and 18th Taiwan SMEs Innovation Award.

Seamless Integration of IWB, DC and IRS

The powerful integrating ability of HiTeach seamlessly combines IWB, DC and IRS into one and capacitates the three devices to be used simultaneously for teaching

IWB is a powerful electronic whiteboard which provides a variety of touch-screen annotating digital “brushes” such as hard brush, bamboo pen, marker pen, laser pen and smart pen etc; it also has screen annotation features that are endorsed by Windows. Apart from a series of annotating functions, HiTeach also offers a range of different teaching tools for teachers to employ; these include the Pick-Out function, the Spotlight effect and the Curtain effect etc. In addition, page-by-page electronic notes are also retained by HiTeach. Another important feature of HiTeach is that it is capable of capturing real-time images of an object via the ezVision DC and projecting them onto the whiteboard; the captured images can be annotated using the whiteboard touch-screen annotating features. If IRS is also present and connected to HiTeach, interactive activities such as quizzes, assessments and other activities can then be performed immediately for formative assessment of students’ in-class learning progress.

To sum up, this solution of HiTeach integrating with IWB, DC and IRS assists greatly in teacher’s teaching process; these include when doing the course preparations or when explaining concepts to students. This solution of HiTeach solves the former situation where a variety of softwares and hardware can only be used alone but not in combination with each other.

Multi-picture comparison and time-lapse filming of DC

Through the multi-picture comparison function of ezVision DC, teachers can view and compare works of students during teaching activities, and students’ responses on the different works that the teacher has presented can be scored immediately and easily using IRS. In addition, HiTeach is also capable of time-lapse filming which allows students to observe the growing process of plants in science observation lessons.

IRS provides a variety of interactive quiz forms

If IRS is used in conjunction with teaching in class, a variety of fun quiz forms can be initiated through it; these quiz forms include the Impromptu quiz form, the Knockout form, the Toss-up quiz form and the Buzz-in quiz form. After which the quiz has been performed, real-time statistics of students’ answering outcome can then be obtained from IRS in different forms of result charts to help the teacher understand students’ learning progress.

Links to clouDAS – a cloud-based diagnostic analysis system

The statistics of the students’ answering outcome provided by IRS can be delivered directly to clouDAS (Cloud Diagnostic Analysis System) for in-depth diagnostic analysis of students’ learning and subsequent generation of the diagnostic report. The diagnostic report generated can then be used to help both the teachers and the students better understand the students’ learning performance and difficulties.

According to the diagnostic report, adaptive counseling can be performed by teachers to students to help them learn better. The involvement of clouDAS makes the classroom a Smarter Classroom with scientific analysis.

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