High performance 2.4G RF SoC in a small package

Minimum Order Quantity : Over 5000
Are samples available for this product? : Yes
Delivery Date : 15Day(s)
Current Export Markets : Worldwide

Language : English


  • High performance MCU in a small package
  • High-performance 32-bit MCU, clock @1MHz~48MHz
  • 16kB SRAM and 16kB OTP
  • Performance
    - Sensitivity: -100dBm @250kbps mode; output power : 5dBm
    - 12.5mA in average at working mode; <1uA at sleep mode
    - Many GPIOs for keyboard and mouse application
    - TLSR8866: up to 20 GPIO
    - TLSR8870: up to 46 GPIO
  • Packaging
    - TLSR8866: QFN40; TLSR8869 QFN40; TLSR8870 QFN64
  • Excellent RF performance
  • 15dB (13dB at RX, 2dB at TX) better than current mainstream solution
  • Excellent audio performance
    - Support two-way, stereo audio, full-duplex audio with 16bit/48kHz sample rate
    - MS HD audio compliance
  • Ultra low power consumption
    - <35mA at headset side, 30% lower than current mainstream solution
  • High integration
    - Integrate RF tranceiver, MCU and audio ADC/DAC; 1/3 PCB size
    - Compared with mainstraim solution, save 2 EEPROM, 1 audio codec, 1 LDO, >120 RLC
    - The host device can support audio device (headset, speaker) and data device (keyboard, mouse) simultaneously (2 in 1 audio & mouse) and (3 in 1 audio, mouse/keyboard)
  • Easy for production
    - No RF match, high yield rate

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