TGAM Brainwave Sensor ASIC Module

ThinkGear™ AM

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Current Export Markets : Worldwide

Language : English


The ThinkGear AM (TGAM) EEG sensor PCB module powers over 1 million consumer EEG devices around the globe.

TGAM is the core of our brainwave sensing technology. TGAM allows NeuroSky partners to bring EEG-based consumer technologies to market quickly and efficiently. The TGAM is the world’s most popular EEG solution. Together with dry-electrode, it senses the signals from the human brain, filters out extraneous noise and electrical interference and converts to digital power. This “brain-power” can be used in games, applications, toys, and research.

Embedded within the TGAM, is the TGAT chip, a powerful, fully integrated single chip EEG sensor. The chip comes programmed with NeuroSky eSense, A/D, amplification off head detection, and noise filtering for EMG and 50/60Hz AC powerline interference.

The TGAM is priced to power mass adoption in toys, mobile devices, educational gear and other products.


  • Direct connect to dry electrode

  • One EEG channel + Reference + Ground

  • Extremely low-level signal detection

  • Advanced filter with high noise immunity

  • RAW EEG at 512Hz

eSense Brainwave Patterns

  • RAW EEG Signal

  • Attention

  • Meditation

  • Eye Blink

  • Delta, Theta, low apha, high alpha, low beta, high beta and gamma waves

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