AURA Bluetooth RGB Bulb

Minimum Order Quantity : Under 1000
Are samples available for this product? : No
Current Export Markets : Worldwide

Language : English


Wireless bluetooth Control without Having to Buy any Special Hardware!

Download ADATA’s free Bluetooth 4.0 interface app onto your smart phone or tablet. Remotely control your AURA RGB bulb wirelessly! No special Bluetooth bridge needed!

More than 16 Million Colors!

Gently slide your fingertip across your smartphone’s color map to choose from 16 million different colors to create the perfect lighting for any mood, any scene.

Choose Your Best Color! Change It Anytime!

Instantly change your home without redecorating! Renew your living space just by moving the cursor on your mobile phone!

Control Up to 64 Lights!

Group and individual control lets you centrally manage up to 64 bulbs at once with your smartphone or tablet.

Wireless Control Up To Almost 2000 Meters Away!

By using Bluetooth MESH Technology on your smart phone you can:

  • Control many bulbs via a single bulb from up to 30 meters away.
  • Control more bulbs as a group or individually almost as far as 2000 meters away.
  • Connect across an equivalent distance of 3.5 times the height of Taipei 101, or nearly 6 times the height of the Eiffel Tower!

Make a Scene in just 1 Second!

Your AURA bulb comes with a free downloadable app that empowers you to create, change, and save any scene or mood using one bulb or a groups of bulbs. Color your life your way!

Use Your AURA as a Wake-Up Call!

Use your AURA RGB bulb as a courteous wake-up call! A unique timing feature in the free downloadable app turns on, turns off, and changes your RGB bulbs at specified times. Choose any color combination to match the setting for any time of day. Set up your AURA RGB bulbs to adapt to any atmosphere. Intelligent lighting management for your home!

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