ezStation Lecture Capture System

Multi-port simultaneous filming, the best mate for micro-teaching with user-friendly interface

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Language : English

Product Introduction

With the advancement of video and internet technologies, globally, an increasing number of high schools, middle schools, and elementary schools are recording their popular courses and teaching demonstrations for Distance Smarter Classroom, student reviewing courses, sharing teaching material, and course evaluation. To provide the most comprehensive automated remediation service for campuses, ezStation Lecture Capture System records teacher’s screen and the classroom interactions in video and is highly integrated with the controls of HiTeach interactive teaching system on the Smarter Classroom end of TEAM Model. More importantly, it supports the IRS Interactive Response System on the classroom end. Students can make critical marks and difficult marks during lecture, and the marked materials and videos are automatically uploaded to IES Instructional Expert System after recording is finished. After class, students can log into Aclass ONE Learning Companion App to watch the video of the lecture and can find the parts with critical and difficult marks to efficiently complete self-remediation.

Recreating the Classroom from Multiple Angles

The software supports integrated multiple-viewport recording of computer screen, video camera, and sound. It supports concurrent recording of up to four video inputs, capturing the classroom situation from multiple angles. The teacher's lecture, teaching material, and student reactions are all completely recorded.

ezStation Lecture Capture System produces single streaming files with multiple viewports that do not require editing and post-processing to completely present the classroom. Teachers are thus able to review their teaching techniques, and professors who train teachers can observe on-site interactions of teachers and students and offer instructions via Distance Smarter Classroom over the internet without being on-site.

Supports various layout export

In the classroom, teachers can set the layout for video output before class starts with the ezStation Lecture Capture System, where there are many layouts to choose from. Teachers can choose layouts based on class scenarios (microteaching classroom, flipped classroom, or remediation).

One-click Lecture Recording with HiTeach

The Lecture Capture System can be directly connected to HiTeach Interactive Teaching System. Teachers can use the HiTeach Software on the classroom end to start recording on the Lecture Capture System without leaving the teaching scene.

Seamless Connection with IES Cloud Remediation Platform - Realizing Fully Automated Cloud Publication of Courses

In addition to a cloud storage server, IES Instructional Expert System, with excellent integration of hardware and software and ezStation Lecture Capture System, realizes fully automated cloud publication of courses. Class videos recorded with ezStation Lecture Capture System are automatically uploaded to IES Instructional Expert System for file conversion and publication without manual exporting or editing, realizing the automated remediation service of cloud courses.

Markings in Class for Personalized Remediation After Class

ezStation Lecture Capture System records videos of teachers, students, and computer screens as well as, more importantly, supports reception from the IRS real-time feedback system from the classroom end. Students can mark key points and questions any time during the lecture. In the process of recording, teachers can view the statistical charts of the real-time feedback and record them. After recording is complete, the marked material and videos are uploaded to IES cloud remediation platform.

After class, students can log into AClass ONE Learning Companion App to view class videos, which shows the marked key points and questions. They can select the marked portions for review, achieving personalized recording and remediation.

Distance Smarter Classroom Solution

ezStation Lecture Capture System has built-in synchronized video mechanism for Smarter Classrooms with ezStation to achieve video conference functions via IES Media Server (optional), thereby upgrading Smarter Classrooms to Distance Smarter Classrooms. Thus we overcome geographical barriers for teachers to interact with students from multiple locations in addition to their home classroom. This is different, especially for teaching across districts and schools or in remote regions,

from regular video conference systems for distance teaching, with which there can only be real-time interactions via audio-visual means, and classes can only be conducted through oral lectures, much like traditional classes. However, in Distance Smarter Classrooms based on TEAM Model Smarter Classroom that are upgraded with ezStation, teachers and students in multiple locations can conduct complete classroom activities. With the real-time interaction mechanism for distance teaching, teachers can share teaching materials and evaluations to students. Students in all locations can use IRS Interactive Response System to answer questions and engage in toss-up and buzz-in activities. They can also use ezVision document camera to photograph documents and works to show the teacher, and the teacher can use the students' material for sharing and lecture. All students and teachers engage in a class across physical boundaries as if they are in the same location. The teaching process can be recorded, and students can search for portions of the recorded video using their critical marks and difficult marks made in class (smart tags) and efficiently accomplish self-remediation.

Online Live Streaming

With the online live streaming function of ezStation Lecture Capture System, school administration and corporations can live-broadcast school and corporate events on the online platform for parents and fans to watch live streaming anywhere.

Learning on Demand

Multi-viewport videos recorded with ezStation Lecture Capture System are automatically encoded into a single MP4 media file to be played using regular players on any device (e.g. smartphones, tablet computers, notebook computers, and PCs).

Distance Teaching Library

A distance teaching library can be established by storing recorded media files on the video streaming server as the most valuable teaching resources of a school. With this library, students can attend classes remotely and learn efficiently, realizing the essence of education as the best assistance to students' learning.

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