ezStation Lecture Capture System

Multi-port simultaneous filming, the best mate for micro-teaching with user-friendly interface

Minimum Order Quantity : Negotiable
Are samples available for this product? : No
Current Export Markets : Worldwide

Language : English

Function Description

  1. Supports VGA and video source hardware retrieval mechanism
    - Multi-channel video and audio retrieval function that provides concurrent retrieval of single-path computer VGA signal, dual-path video, and single-path audio.
    - VGA signal can be retrieved via HDMI or VGA terminals; Video signal can be retrieved via HDMI or IP network terminals.
  2. ezStation Lecture Capture System can perform multi-stream processing and encoding for dual-path video, single-path VGA, and single-path audio, producing multi-viewport media files. With regular media players, users can view audio-visual content recorded with up to four paths of video sources.
  3. When recording, via hardware HDMI/VGA input terminals supported by the system and with connection to the computer system of the lecturer, the computer screen used by the lecturer can be recorded without installing recording hardware on the lecturer's end and without restriction on operating system.
  4. The encoding format is H.264, and the file format is MP4.
  5. The finished multi-viewport file is a webpage-format folder for users to view with browsers or copy and edit the file.
  6. Live Broadcast
    The content can be viewed live on another computer in the local area network using the VLC software; Servers supporting the RTMP protocol can also be used for online streaming (e.g. YouTube Live).
  7. Integrating IES Platform Multimedia Management for Reliable Storage of Data It supports automatic upload of recorded video to the folder location on the FTP or on the IES cloud remediation platform (ezCMS multimedia management module required).

*Note : The ezCMS multimedia management module of Instructional Expert System contains the Digital Content Management System for managing multimedia teaching materials, including video streaming. This system can integrate digital video teaching materials produced using the ezStation Lecture Capture System on the classroom end, or using other editing software, to this platform as on-demand streaming content.

Optional Products

  1. IES Media Server streaming media service system
    It achieves video conference system functions in classrooms equipped with ezStation’s excellent streaming technology. Moreover, IES Media Server processes videos at different resolutions, thereby dynamically adjusts the bit rate based on the specifications and bandwidth of devices to support end devices of various screen sizes.
  2. Web Camera
    2-megapixel full-HD resolution
    18x optical zoom and autofocus
    Supports wide dynamic range and auto white balance

    2-megapixel full-HD resolution
    3x optical zoom and autofocus
    Supports wide dynamic range and auto white balance
  3. Auto-tracking Cradle Head
    Built-in Bluetooth microphone 
    The built-in Bluetooth microphone allows the teacher to move freely in class with low-interference, high-quality sound recording.

    The cradle head senses the location of the Bluetooth microphone on the teacher and turns accordingly for the camera to have automated tracking and adjustment functions.

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