NeuroSky, Inc., a bioelectronics company, is the leader in Brain-Computer Interface technology for consumer product application. Founded in 2004 and headquartered in San Jose, CA, NeuroSky works with industry partners, developers, as well as academic and research institutions to provide innovative products and solutions across a wide range of industries. Grounded in more than 60 years of research, NeuroSky's precision-grade technology has taken proven research EEG (electroencephalograph) technology and evolved it for application to the mass consumer market by making it more user-friendly and cost-effective. In 2012, NeuroSky has been awarded the American Technology Award (ATA) for outstanding achievement in Semiconductors& Electronic Components for CardioChip II, NeuroSky’s newest biosensor chip, provides a research-grade, real-time electrocardiograph (ECG). Due to its diminutive size and power-consumption, it is ideally suited for smartphones. Potential applications for this technology include smartphone applications for personal health monitoring, sports and training.