Established in 2007, Atrust is a creative, professional, and enthusiastic team which has rich experience in designing, producing Thin Client, Server and Management Software. The objectives of Atrust are to provide customers with high quality, high efficiency and environmental friendly products as well as comprehensive solutions.
Through stringent design process and quality control system, Atrust delivers high quality products. In addition, Atrust also offers tailored solutions for our partners and customers.

 Our mission is to deliver the best quality products, and to gain the trust of our clients. “IQIR”, motto of Atrust, represent the core value.
Integrity is not only the most fundamental but also the most important ethical standard for all of our employees. It is also our commitment to customers, employees, partners, stakeholders and society in general.
Consistent delivery of the highest quality products is Atrust’s promise to customers. Achieving the highest quality is the foundation of our corporate policy.
Atrust will always strive to develop innovative technologies and produce worldclass products.
Atrust respects natural resources and customers by research and producing environmental friendly products based on character-emphasized corporate culture.