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Industrial-grade SuperMLC SSD510K

  • Transcend SuperMLC technology not only is high-performance and cost effective, but also leads significant effect for write speed of MLC NAND flash enhancement. Since SuperMLC technology features a cost-effective solution that offers performance close to that of SLC NAND flash, the price–performance ratio of the product is high market competitiveness.
  • The stability of SuperMLC technology is more than 10 times as fast as MLC NAND flash. Based on the advantage of price and performance, the product is an ideal alternative to SLC-based solutions such as servers, industrial computers, embedded system, and other industrial application.

With Transcend exclusive SuperMLC technology, Transcend’s SSD510K provides superior reliability and endurance that are nearly equivalent to SLC NAND flash yet with a cost effective price, which is an alternative to SLC-based solutions for industrial enterprise. SSD510K aims at industrial-grade applications, such as embedded automation computers and engineering machines.

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