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Herb & Fish Aquaponics system

  • The micro aquaponics system applies bell siphons for water cleaning to minimize the product size, and is equipped with LED lighting to sustain the ecosystem, making it a portable and eco-friendly product.
  • The touch button matches the design concept of Tai Chi Yinyang balance and mutual sustainability, adding a humanistic touch to the hi-tech design.
  • It makes a special gift! It offers a quick escape to nature for its users at home or in their office.

  • A micro aquaponics system.
  • Patented bell siphon for water cleaning purpose.
  • From round fish tank to elegant arc-shaped lighting, round-shaped cover. Disc-like touch switch those “circles” symbolically express those circulations in aquaponics system.
  • The icons on the lampshade are touch switches for lighting and water pump.
  • Perfect office and home decoration.

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