Yuan Feng Plastic Co., Ltd.

Yuan Feng Plastic Co., Ltd.  is established in A.D. 1999, specialize in all video disc wrappings and plastic products, the products include DVD CASE , CD CASE , CD SLEEVES ,Blu-ray disc dvd case, DVD HOLDER, Spindle Holder, CD WALLET , memory card box . Penetrate from the plastics , sew technology and ultrasonic wave to always melt and make processing, and can ODM , OEM cooperate production produce and design developing.

Our company is it demand to regard developing the environmental protection wrappings as, is it retrieve material a developing focus while being renewable to adopt more, and hope to regard this idea as the environment and lighten the burden corruptly , expect that can open the new business opportunity of new era with this idea.

The new ideas are the power of our improvement. A series of new designs have been planned. First, the Adjustable Length Tape Dispenser was presented in 2007 and had earned good reputation when we were in exhibition last year. There are a lot of advantages on this tape dispenser. Set the same length of tape without using any electrical, sweet finger protection, desk top size, and so on. Easy and delicate design had already caught customers' eyes.

Light and handy, beautiful, economy, practical is the design bases of our traditional industry and processing industry person. Our company offers better and more inexpensive products too, not merely reduce the cost by a large margin, promote and produce output and products quality even more.