Established in 1970, Forward Electronics Co., Ltd. is a Taiwan-based company with an integrated, professional capability in R&D and manufacturing. Since the inception of the company’s foundation when the main products of Forward were TV tuners and precision electronic components, Forward has steadily grown into a company with diversified product and service offerings. To meet market trends and expand our business scope, our products are mainly developed for demands in industries such as optoelectronics, information appliances, consumer electronics, communication, and automotive electronics. In addition, the quality management system of Forward is also internationally recognized as it is certified with the ISO-9001, and ISO-14001 standards. Through the close collaboration among different plants located in Taiwan and China (Sanhsia, Kaohsiung, Dongguan, and Wujiang), we are capable of providing flexibility in production scheduling as well as capacity adjustment to meet different customers’ requirements. Moreover, as a member of the global community, Forward is not only committed to providing its customers with superior products and satisfactory service but also dedicated to developing green products as well as conducting business with the concept of environmental protection. By doing so, we hope our business and the global environment can run substainably in harmony.