SAPIDO Technology Incorporated is a global company specializing in smart cloud networking products, and cloud APP software development.  The company's head office was founded in Tainan, Taiwan 2006.  

As a leading brand in the networking industry, we take advantage of our global opportunities to ensure meaningful development of our innovative networking products. Our ambition is to offer a user-friendly-interface with IT products that enhances peoples' life quality with solutions that are both innovative and beneficial.  We focus on our core value "One for All" concept into our automotive and networking technologies as well as in products and APPs for smart and private use.

Sapido is perfectly integrated hardware platforms, software and engineering.  We are proud of our authentic Taiwan R&D engineering, design, and high quality manufacturing.  Our core products cover the three main sectors of Cloud Security, Cloud Automation, and Digital Convergence; and the ongoing development of Cloud Communication, Cloud Remote Controller and the Power Saving Home Automation System products in the end of 2014, which includes the Smart Cloud Controller, Wireless Router, 3G/4G Mobile Router, Wireless USB Dongle, Powerline, Switch, Hub, Cloud Media NAS, Cloud Webcam, and more networking products.  

Sapido is a global brand with 100% high quality Taiwanese manufacturing.  The name SAPIDO is a combination of words derived from Sapid, an English word meaning “Enjoy” and Spanish word Rapido that means “rapid, fast”, which merges the elements of pleasure and joy with efficiency and professional technology, representing Sapido's goal to be efficient, pleasant, and enjoyable.

The letters "p" and "d" from our brand name Sapido, represent the speech bubbles used during internet communications.  Sapido is exploring product and interaction design for the internet-of-things (IoT), offering One for All solutions and the possibilities of automation.

Sapido applies the "Smart Repeater" to integrate the Pdapp and smart cloud networking products.  It uses the WiFi connection to extend the network coverage and add more functions to control your home and office.  The idea that has been carried into the creation of our products in "Simple Step, Smart Share". Sapido is constantly developing new ideas to make peoples' daily lives more comfortable; Smart All in One Pdapp includes innovative and intelligent functions such as Cloud Storage, Cloud Security, Cloud Automation, and Digital Convergence which you can access from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Sapido will lead the way to the future of mobility, enriching lives around the world with its smart cloud APP and automation products.